Founded on the principle that “art and fashion are the world’s common languages”, Authenticite is a consulting and creative production agency, specialized in bridging the Saudi culture and vision with the world. Orchestrated by Hatem Alakeel, It brings together a vast range of conceptual, communications and production specialists, to guide and enhance the efforts of inspirational artists, fashion designers and brands from the Arab world and the international scene. Aiming to connect the Saudi ethos, historic and contemporary affluence with the global perspective, Authenticite aspires to be the stage of brands’ success and recognition.



Believing in the accuracy of words and the significance of the tone of voice, Authenticite delivers from conception to content development execution. The scope spans from identifying topics and key themes of relevance, to bringing them to life in a creative and engaging manner.

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Content Development - Authenticite by Hatem Alakeel


With over 15 years of experience in the fashion and art scene, Authenticite team offers deep knowledge in production, from concept to 360 execution. Always aligned to the Saudi cultural status and market forward needs, Authenitcite is the “stop-shop” to support brands in producing films linked to Art and Fashion in diverse and tailor-made solutions.

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Having conducted some of the most dynamic events forums and exhibitions, Authenticite is conceptualizing and organizing events of substance. From bespoke fashion shows to boutique events, from fashion forums to modeling exhibitions, from educational workshops to inspirational forums that cater to educate and share knowledge. Authenticite brings together entrepreneurs and young enthusiasts with professionals and academics coming from the top Global and regional brands and universities.

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One of the key messages behind Authenticite is to uplift educate and elevate. They have provided some of the most inspirational work shops that cater to some of the most important topics related to entrepreneurship. From Speakers from MIT to Snap Chat and even Google.

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Authenticite believes in the power of knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial thinking. Profiling individuals of substance, who are dedicating their life in shaping the Saudi and Arab world future landscape, remains a key priority and scope. From collaborations with some of the most significant online portals and publications to 360 support and guidance on the different components of precise profiling, profiling and executive identity is one of the key services of Authenticite.

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