Meet Abdulaziz Alobaid: The first Saudi car designer pioneering the limitless possibilities of the made-in-KSA ethos.

Abdulaziz Alobaid

With Tesla making headlines every day, you’d think there’s nowhere to go when it comes to car design. But have you heard of Abdulaziz Alobaid? Because the future of Saudi Arabian car design is now in his hands.

Abdulaziz Alobaid studied Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University, after which he specialized in transportation design at the ArtCenter College of Design in California, US. Alobaid designs concept cars, trucks and yachts, and has worked on projects for Didi Chuxing, Case Construction Equipment and CNH Industrial, He also founded CircleMobility – a start-up that aims to make accessible vehicles for the public, including the special needs community.

Alobaid’s current mission is to ignite a generation of makers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by teaching multiple levels of students through FAIIIDA – an international service company offering solutions that exceed expectations. FAIIIDA raises the bar in the most complex challenges in design & innovation of sea, land and air applications with a wide range of industrial design services.

HRH Princess Noura Alfaisal, who has previously supported the designer in his pursuits, said that “Abdulaziz is an example of what we need in order to develop our eco-system. Firstly, he’s pioneering a field of design that hasn’t existed here previously and secondly, he’s now giving his time to teach – all while creating FAIIIDA. His goal is to create a co-working space where young designers can come together. He is the spirit of this new generation and I’m proud to be able to support him in his cause.”

But what’s Aloblad’s take on his journey? We spoke to the innovator and found out everything about his vision.

How did you start your journey into car design?
I always dreamt of having a car factory in Saudi Arabia. As a child, I was always sketching cars. Growing up around my father, Abdulkareem, furniture design sparked my curiosity about how things actually work. My grandfather, Abdullah Fouad, also inspired me with his entrepreneurial journey. After high school, I decided that I was going to take the challenge and head to the USA to the finest Institute for car design in the world, ArtCenter California. And after hard work, blood, sweat and tears, here I am back in Saudi Arabia bringing FAIIIDA home.

How did the name come about?
Faida means benefit, and usefulness in Arabic. And not only that – it’s also my mother’s name who always supported me to pursue my goals and believed in me when no one did. Faida which stands for Fine, Art, Innovative, Design, Associates. The three letters i in the logotype stand for air, sea and land applications and those are the areas we want to pioneer.

What makes this new car different from the others?
The CircleMobility car concept is quite unique, it is adaptable, , accessible and sharable and most importantly easy to manufacture and produce with sustainable materials. It is also very compact and can fit two wheelchair users at the same time.

How can future designers visualize the possibility of a car design industry in KSA? What are the missing links?
There will be Saudi-led design studios that attract talent from all over the world. The missing link in my opinion is proper education in the design field that can produce competitive designers who will spark the need to launch future manufacturing plants utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

HRH princess Noura Alfaisal is pioneering the made-in KSA “ethos” by enabling creatives to tell us more about their involvement. What is your relationship with the incredible Adhlal and this important Made in KSA “ethos”?

HRH Princess Noura Alfaisal is an inspirational woman who understands the importance of building local talent and connecting them to much-needed infrastructure through Adhlal. With our collaboration, we believe that we have what it takes to guide the Saudi design and manufacturing industry towards 2030 and beyond.

Who are some of the people that inspired you the most to take on this brilliant path?
HRH Mohammad bin Salman’s vision inspires me to help accelerate the transition towards my vision for 2030.

What advice do you have for young designers that want to pursue car design?
I would suggest that if car design is your passion – study it very well, it’s a very competitive field. Seek resources to help you grow your knowledge – whether online or go to college to develop your skills, And if possible get a mentor.

What is style to you?
Style to me is a discovery of form and function that reflects the truth, the beauty and emotions inside out.

Less is more or more is more?
Less is more. Or as we Arabs say: خير الكلام ما قل و دل

What is Authenticity to you?
Authenticity is being able to project your ideas and your thoughts into something tangible that we can relate to and connect with.


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