The Pomellato Ramadan campaign

The Pomellato Ramadan campaign


To celebrate the beauty of its international clientele with ornate new inspirations, Pomellato embraces the ethos of Ramadan’s devotion and ceremony, and upholds it with rich Milanese jewel tradition.

The Pomellato Ramadan campaign, shot amidst a captivating and beautiful arabesque-style setting, features the Maison’s signature collections: rainbow-gem Nudo, Pomellato’s most trademark design with its unconventional cut and shine; chain-inspired Catene, a harmonious expression of elegance and definition of the timeless jewel; bold Iconica, a testament to the expertise of the brand’s goldsmithing tradition; symbolic Pomellato Together, heralding the connections that bind us together and love in its many forms; and dazzling Sabbia, its shimmering diamonds capturing the light of Milanese sophistication.

The brand’s Ramadan Campaign celebrates Arabic and Milanese heritages, blending them together with a seamless, feminine grace.

Ramadan Kareem from Pomellato!

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