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We have our own column on whereby we profile all the “Authentic “ GEMS of Arabia

The legendary model, actress and filmmaker has …

Lina Malaika

Malaika sheds a light on Jeddah’s unique landmarks

In conversation with: Mishaal Ashemimry, the first aerospace engineer in the GCC.

“It’s just tragic that a fear-filled virus had to come along for this necessary pause to finally happen” – Rozan Ahmed

We can never show enough emotion to those we love, give enough to those in need or spread enough positivity around us” – Honayda Serafi

Eli Mizrahi has always supported local talent but this time, he highlights the magnificent Al Ula with Kate Moss and more international icons

HRH Princess Noura bint Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Faisal Al Saud on building a design industry in Saudi Arabia.

Amr Zedan, Chairman of the Saudi Polo Federation

Amr Zedan, Chairman of the Saudi Polo Federation weighs in on why sport is an essential social connector.  

Modernising the art of Arabic calligraphy.

“The Saudi art movement has most definitely made its mark both locally and internationally” – Saudi curator, Hamza Serafi.  Date: 07.12.17

“You cannot be everything to everyone” – King of Cufflinks, Robert Tateossian.

“I never thought being a Saudi woman would be trendy” – Saudi Netflix actress, Ahd Kamel. Date: 14.09.17

“The day that ‘the Saudi woman’ is no longer the story but a phenomenal achievement” – HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud.

“Latifa is an animated representation of Saudi women and their resilience, independence…” – HH Prince Fahad Al Saud on creating Saudi’s first superwoman comic.

“Arabs are better known as buyers or consumers, as opposed to creators” – Afef Jnifen on stereotypes.

“I wanted my photographs to be seen as paintings” – Egyptian artist and photographer, Youssef Nabil.

“Visiting Mada’in Saleh in Saudi gives you the feeling of being on the roof of the world” – Christian Louboutin.